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“If you shake milk for long enough, it turns to butter!”
―The ice cream factory manager

Thomas' Milkshake Muddle is the third episode of the ninth series.


It is the day of the children's summer party, and all the engines want the job to take the children. However, to Thomas' disappointment, Emily is taking them. Thomas' jobs are to collect milk from the dairy and take it to the ice cream factory and then to collect butter from the other side of Sodor and take it to the bakery. Thomas collects the milk churns and goes slowly and carefully until he reaches a junction where Emily approaches and calls him a "slowcoach." Thomas explains that it is important for him to go slowly, but Emily does not care and teases him as he could be taking the children if he was not so slow. Angry, Thomas decides to prove Emily wrong and she challenges him to a race to the next signal, forgetting about the safety of taking his churns properly.

During the race, Thomas speeds up with the churns in his trucks rattling about. His next signal is green, so he passes of Emily and carries on to the ice cream factory, neglecting to slow down. At the ice cream factory, the manager is shocked to see the milk is almost butter due to Thomas' careless speeding and he orders Thomas to collect more milk and go slowly this time. Thomas hurries back to the dairy, only to find the Fat Controller waiting for him. Time is running out, and unless the bakery has butter, there will be no cakes for the party.

Thomas feels very guilty about the trouble he caused. Once at the ice cream factory, though ordered to take the buttered milk back to the dairy, Thomas has a much better idea. He goes even faster with the churns of buttered milk all the way to the bakery. When Thomas arrives, the baker is confused to see milk churns until Thomas tells him to look inside and to the baker's surprise, the buttered milk is now just butter - more than enough to make the cakes for the party.

Thomas returns to Tidmouth Sheds where the Fat Controller sees him. Thomas is worried about getting into trouble again, but the Fat Controller is pleased that, thanks to Thomas' idea, he made amends and is sent to the children's summer party as guest of honour.




  • Going by production order, this is the fifth episode of the ninth series.
  • Molly appears in the episode, but she is not acknowledged or introduced until Molly's Special Special.
  • In the PBS Kids airing of the episode, the baker saying, "I need butter, not milk!" is heard earlier than on DVD.
  • A London, Midland, and Scottish Railway poster is seen at Maithwaite.
  • This is Bluff's Cove's first appearance in the television series.
  • The logic of milk turning into butter as said by the farmer who had his lorry stuck on the level crossing before it was destroyed by Thomas at the last minute was taken from the Railway Series story, Scrambled Eggs. This is somewhat the inspiration for this episode.


  • When Thomas first arrives at the ice cream factory, his last truck is missing.
  • When Thomas left the ice cream factory, his trucks were on the far left track; but when he came back, his trucks were on the middle track.
  • In some close up shots of at ice cream factory his lamp is slightly tilted downward.
  • The narrator states that the cows and sheep looked up to see what the noise was, but the cows are the only ones shown and not the sheep.
  • One of the pipes on the chimney at Maithwaite is crooked.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Thomas e o Leite Batido
Chinese Mandarin 托马斯的奶油作战
Croatian Tomičin Maslac
Czech Tomásova výprava pro mléko
Danish Masser af mælk
Dutch Thomas Maakt er een Milkshake Van
French La Fête des Enfants
German Thomas hat eine gute Idee
Hungarian Thomas kalandja a tejjel
Italian Thomas e il Latte Sbattuto
Japanese ドタバタミルクシェイク
Korean 덜걱덜걱 우유통
Latin American Spanish Thomas y la Leche Batida
Norwegian Thomas får melkeproblemer
Polish Mleczna droga Tomka
Portuguese Thomas e o leite batido
Romanian Thomas Lăptarul
Russian Молочный коктейль Томаса
Scottish Gaelic Maistreadh Gun Fhiosta
Spanish Thomas y la Batidora de Leche
Swedish Thomas är uppe i smöret
Turkish Thomas'ın Milkshake Karışması

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