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“There's no such thing as luck. If you think positively then good things will happen then you'll have a good day.”

Thomas' Not-So-Lucky Day is the ninth episode of the twenty-fourth series.


Thomas is having bad luck with his deliveries and does not know what to do. Gina and Mia tell him that there is no such thing as luck and that Thomas will soon get better. Lorenzo, however, tells Thomas to follow his superstitious advice and Thomas finds that this works. When he gets to the station, he tells Gina about his experiences. Gina and Mia tell him that it wasn't luck that helped him, but thinking positive.




UK and AUS

US and CAN

  • Joseph May as Thomas
  • Anna Francolini as Gina
  • Vincenzo Nicoli as Lorenzo and Beppe
  • Flaminia Cinque as Ester
  • Montserrat Lombard as Mia



  • Gina's crew is missing from her cab in the first scene.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Hebrew היום חסר המזל של תומס
Italian Superstizioni e Portafortuna
Japanese うんがわるいトーマス
Polish Pechowy Dzień Tomka
Spanish El Día de Poca Suerte de Thomas

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