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“There's no such thing as luck. If you think positively then good things will happen then you'll have a good day.”

Thomas' Not-So-Lucky Day is the ninth episode of the twenty-fourth series.


Thomas is having bad luck with his deliveries and does not know what to do. Gina and Mia tell him that there is no such thing as luck and that Thomas will soon get better. Lorenzo, however, tells Thomas to follow his superstitious advice and Thomas finds that this works. When he gets to the station, he tells Gina about his experiences. Gina and Mia tell him that it was not luck that helped him, but thinking positive.





US and CAN

  • Joseph May as Thomas
  • Anna Francolini as Gina
  • Vincenzo Nicoli as Lorenzo and Beppe
  • Flaminia Cinque as Ester
  • Montserrat Lombard as Mia


  • Gina references the events of Mines of Mystery.
  • This episode marks:
    • Gina, Lorenzo, Beppe, Ester and Mia's last appearances to date.
    • The only appearance of Italy in the twenty-fourth series and the last appearance of Italy overall.
    • The first episode directed by Ian Cherry, who served as an assistant director in the previous eight episodes of this series.
    • The first episode since Wild Water Rescue not directed by Dianna Basso, though she was still involved with production of this episode as consulting director.
  • The plot is similar to the eleventh series episode, Henry's Lucky Day and the seventeenth series episode, Percy's Lucky Day.
  • This is the only episode in which the date is explicitly mentioned, apart from episodes which take place on holidays.


  • Gina's crew is missing from her cab in the first scene.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Dutch Thomas Z'n Ongeluksdag!
Estonian Toomase õnnetu Päev
Hebrew היום חסר המזל של תומס
Italian Superstizioni e Portafortuna
Japanese うんがわるいトーマス
Latin Spanish El Día de Poca Suerte de Thomas
Latvian Tomasa Neveiksmīgā Diena
Lithuanian Nesėkminga Tomo Diena
Polish Pechowy Dzień Tomka
Russian Неудачный день

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