Thomas' Sodor Stories is a US promotional VHS release featuring two second series episodes.



Join in on all of the adventures with everyone's #1 friend, Thomas the Tank Engine.

In this special VHS sampler, you'll find out why life on the Island of Sodor is never boring. Watch and experience how getting work done for Thomas & his friends is sometimes extremely difficult - - especially when the railway is under repairs. And laugh out loud as Percy becomes a little bit of a woolly mess. Best of all, watch these stories and recreate them with your new Thomas Wooden Railway set.


  1. Better Late Than Never
  2. Woolly Bear


  • This VHS was bundled with the Toys "R" Us exclusive Wooden Railway Classic Figure 8 Set.
  • This video uses the sixth series introduction.
  • This is the only US release to feature entirely second series episodes.


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