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Thomas' Sticker Express is a sticker book.

Character Stickers


  • Henry and Gordon's funnels are a bit tall.
  • Neil is black.
  • Lorry 1's eyes are wonky.
  • Smudger's dome is black.
  • Mike, Rex and Bert are each portrayed as 4-8-2 mountains.
  • Part of Henry's smokebox is green when it should be black.
  • In the illustrations, Emily's buffers are black.
  • Also in the illustrations, the engines are missing their couplings, lamp irons, and brake pipes.
  • James' wheels are grey.
  • On one sticker, Fergus has a blue smokebox.
  • Sir Handel, and Wilbert are incorrectly purple when they both should be blue.
  • Duke and Bertram's faces are swapped.
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