“Be patient, Thomas. It's only a few months to wait now!”

Thomas' Tree is a magazine story.


It is Spring on Sodor and every day Thomas likes to admire a tree in a garden near the last station on his branch line. The tree is covered in colourful blossom, but as the days pass, the blossoms keep falling off until the tree is completely bare. Thomas is disappointed and tells Edward about it. Edward explains that the blossoms would return next Spring.

As the weather grows warmer, the tree becomes covered in green leaves. Towards the end of summer, Thomas notices the tree is covered in juicy red apples. Thomas thinks the apples are nice - but not as nice as the blossom. Over the next few weeks, leaves starts dropping off the tree until there are none left at all and the tree begins to sparkle in the icy weather.

When winter draws to an end, the weather starts to become warm again. Spring has returned and so have the blossoms. Thomas is glad the beautiful blossoms have returned, but he has to admit that all the other seasons are beautiful too.



  • In the fourth illustration, part of Edward's body is missing.


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