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“This is the strongest wall I've ever seen!”
―Oliver's operator

Thomas' Trusty Friends, originally titled Another Fine Mess, is the eleventh episode of Jack and the Sodor Construction Company


Thomas brings Ned to a demolition site; his friend is excited as he gets to demolish a building. Thomas finds it confusing that Miss Jenny's machines find it exciting to knock buildings down. Once there, Ned is excited to knock down the building. However, he gets disappointed when he finds out that Oliver is given the task, and instead has to clear rubble.

Oliver prepares to knock down a wall with a wrecking ball, but the wall does not collapse as it does not work. He swings harder, but the wall still doesn't fall down. He is fitted with a larger one, but it does not work either. Meanwhile, Ned asks the foreman if he can help, but despite Oliver's attempts that keep failing, he declines by saying that it is Oliver's job. With that, Ned goes back to loading rubble, but he drops it onto the ground instead of the trucks because he is thinking about demolishing.

Back at Oliver, they fit him with the biggest wrecking ball they have, but still to no avail. Oliver is pretty much cross, and his operator and the foreman are running out of ideas. Ned is still thinking about demolishing and does not pay attention. He collides with the chimney, which collapses onto the building with the wall that Oliver cannot demolish. While the workmen cheer, pieces of debris start falling onto and denting Oliver's roof, the corner of the destroyed building falls down, and Thomas is surprised to see his trucks fully loaded with bricks from the building's destruction. Ned is happy that he demolished the building, and asks Oliver if he wants him to demolish anything else. Oliver, covered in dust and frustrated, tells him that he thinks he has done enough for one day.




  • In storyboards by Robert Gauld-Galliers for this episode, it is referred to as "Jack and the Pack: Series 1, EPS 23".
  • Virgin TV Anywhere's website alternatively titled the episode as "Another Fine Mess".
  • This is the only appearance of Oliver's clenched face from the sixth series.
  • This marks Oliver's last speaking role until the special, The Great Discovery and his last speaking role in a episode until the twentieth series episode, Mucking About.
  • The ship's boiler from Edward's Brass Band is seen in the Brickworks.
  • In the destruction scene, before Ned says "Oops", the crash sound from the fourth to sixth series can be heard.


  • At the beginning of the episode Thomas' steam platform can be seen.
  • After Ned dumps the rubble besides the truck, Thomas starts speaking before the scene transitions, meaning he keeps smiling until partway through his scolding of Ned.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Dutch Vertrouwde vrienden Thomas
German Thomas und seine treue Freunde

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