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Thomas' YouTube World Tour was a series of short web videos that were released every Wednesday in 2015 and 2016 on YouTube, from 25 February 2015 to March 2nd, 2016 for the US (every Tuesday in the UK, from June 30th, 2015 to June 21st, 2016). The videos were written by producer Ian McCue, who wrote the Comedy Showtime shorts, writer Davey Moore, who wrote the Thomas Around the World shorts and head writer Andrew Brenner, who wrote the Mr. Perkins' Storytime segments. A total of 53 segments were released.

Video Series


  • The Thomas' Tour videos produced the most videos for the YouTube World Tour, at a total of twenty videos.
  • The music videos for Rules and Regulations and That's What Friends are for mark the first time music videos for those songs have been released. The original music videos for them were never released to the public.
  • Some of the original songs used in the music videos were trimmed down and certain bits were removed to make the songs shorter.
  • The opening sequence used for each of the videos uses a remix of the original Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends theme song.

Opening Sequence Gallery