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“You should say sorry for bossing me around!”

Thomas, Emily, and the Snowplow is a magazine story, illustrated using photographs from the television series.


Thomas thinks he is doing a grand job, but Emily thinks he could do better, so she decides to "help". First, Emily tells Thomas to slow down because he might bump his passengers. Next, Thomas is talking to some children when Emily tells him he is going to be late and that makes Thomas upset, thinking she is being bossy towards him. Thomas has to leave the shed early to collect some trucks from the quarry to the docks.

Sir Topham Hatt tells the engines they need their snowploughs because there is more snow coming. Sir Topham Hatt tells Emily to find Thomas and tell him that he needs his snowplough. Unfortunately Thomas ignores Emily whenever she tells him to get his snowplough. Snow begins to fall and Thomas gets stuck in a snowdrift. Thomas orders Emily to apologise for bossing him, but she does not care as she is only sorry for him not listening to her.

Sir Topham Hatt is cross with Thomas and Emily for not listening. Therefore, Emily takes Thomas to get his snowplough and, in the end, they become good friends.




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