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“Help! I'm not going to open my eyes until my driver comes!”

Thomas, Percy and the Dragon! is a magazine story, illustrated using photographs from the television series.


Thomas and Percy are good friends, but sometimes they like to tease each other. One evening, Thomas is dozing when Percy asks him if he is dreaming of the time he thought he was a ghost? Thomas tells Percy that he knew it was him all along and was only pretending to be scared.

The next day, the Fat Controller asks Thomas to collect something unusual from the harbour. Meanwhile, Percy is moving trucks in the yard, when the points jam and he has to stay there for the night.

Night time comes and Percy feels lonely and scared. At the harbour, Thomas is collecting his mystery load which turns out to be a dragon made out of paper for the carnival. The dragon is loaded onto Thomas' low-loader and lights are put around it for protection. Then, Thomas sets off through the misty night. Percy is asleep in the siding when Thomas whooshes past with the dragon and gives Percy a terrible fright.

The next day, Percy tells the engines about the dragon, but they do not believe him. Percy begins to wonder if he just imagined the dragon. But, at the station, Percy sees the dragon again. Thomas assures him that it is alright and just a paper dragon for the carnival. Percy admits he had been scared, but Thomas says that everyone gets scared sometimes, but if they're not afraid to tell each other, that means they must be quite brave, too.