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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the Buzz Book, the magazine story or the VHS.

“He thinks you are both splendid and everyone says that the post train is the pride of the line!”
―The Fat Controller

Thomas, Percy and the Post Train, retitled Thomas, Percy and the Mail Train for American releases, is the twelfth episode of the third series. It is based on the magazine stories The Post Train and After the Last Train.


Late at night on the Island of Sodor, after all the other engines have gone to sleep in their sheds, an engine can still be heard in the distance carrying the Post Train. Thomas pulls one train while Percy pulls the other as the loads are too much for one engine to pull alone. Letters and parcels are loaded into the trucks at both harbours before Thomas and Percy begin their journeys, travelling through the now silent stations making deliveries. Sometimes the light of a full moon on a clear night will light the way for them, or sometimes it will be so foggy that Thomas and Percy cannot even see the stars, but lamps will always be out to guide them on their way. Regardless of the weather, the two tank engines are happy to be entrusted with such an important job.

One night, there is trouble; Percy is left waiting for Henry due to the ship from the mainland being delayed. However, Henry finally gets the letters to him and the Post Train is filled. Percy tries his best to make up for lost time, but he is still very late and finishes his job after the sunrise. Percy does not mind this too much, appreciating the chance to see the island early in the morning with no one around... but he is not alone long, as Harold lands and teases Percy over how late he is with the post. Percy is too tired to explain to Harold what happened, and he finally arrives back at the sheds just as Duck is getting ready to head out for the day, falling asleep as soon as he enters his shed.


Percy and his driver decide to set off earlier than usual that evening. However, at the station, they find Thomas, who has some bad news; the man in charge of the post has made a complaint to the Fat Controller about Percy being so late. Although the Fat Controller understands that it was not Percy's fault, the man would not listen. The two decide to be extra quick that night, when Harold lands telling the two engines that the Post Train will apparently be scrapped and the deliveries will be made by him instead. He boasts to the engines that air is quicker than rails before taking off. Both Thomas and Percy are indignant and proceed on their way.

That night, everything runs perfectly and both engines make very good time on all their deliveries. At a station, Thomas and his crew notice a man who had missed his train, waiting cold and alone on the platform. Thomas' driver offers the man a ride if he does not mind being uncomfortable. The man is more than happy to accept.

The next day, as Percy pulls his afternoon passenger train, he spots Harold looking miserable in his airfield. Harold explains he has been grounded due to strong wind. Percy takes the chance to get his own back for the earlier teasing by telling the helicopter that rails work wonders. That evening, the Fat Controller meets Thomas and Percy and reads them a letter from the man who missed his train. He says that the man was very thankful to the two for their help and the Post Train is the pride of the line. This makes both engines very happy indeed.




  • The man who missed his train home is Jeremiah Jobling and this marks his last speaking role.
  • In the restored version, the fade effect from Percy leaving Knapford at night to passing the Country Line Canal in the morning is missing.
  • In the original UK dub, starting with the scene of Thomas and Percy at the harbour, most of the music is omitted until the scene of Harold leaving Dryaw in the morning.
  • The events of this episode were mentioned by Thomas in the twenty-third series episode, Wish You Were Here.
  • This marks the last of several things:
    • The last episode of the third series to feature Percy's whistle in its normal pitch. As of Toby's Tightrope, his whistle would be heard at a lower pitch for the rest of the series.
    • The last appearance of the watermill until Thomas and the Magic Railroad and its last appearance in an episode until the sixth series episode, Twin Trouble.
    • The last appearance of Suddery Coastal Village.
    • The last appearance of The Valley Bridge.
    • The last appearance of Percy's toothless happy face from the second series, despite it only appearing in a deleted scene.
  • The music heard at the start of the episode (known as The Post Train theme) when the narrator introduces Thomas and Percy's job with the mail would later be reused in three episodes of the following series, Sleeping Beauty, Paint Pots and Queens and Fish. A sample of the music was also used in the last episode of the third series, Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure, albeit at a higher pitch.
  • The fanfare cue from TUGS can be heard in some scenes. Big Mickey, S.S Vienna, a fishing boat and the steel company from TUGS appear in the episode.
  • On the New Zealand VHS release of Trust Thomas and Other Stories, this episode uses the UK title card despite the US dub being used.


  • JEI TV version's Korean title of the episode is "토마스와 퍼시와 우편 열차" (Tomaseuwa Peosiwa Upyeon Yeolcha). However, this is incorrect grammar, and the correct title should have been 토마스와 퍼시 그리고 우편 열차 (Tomaseuwa Peosi Geuligo Upyeon Yeolcha).
  • The description for this episode in Radio Times reads "Harold thinks he can pull the post train better than Thomas and Percy" despite the fact that Harold is a helicopter and not a railway engine.
  • When Thomas goes under the bridge at the beginning, the end of the track is visible.
  • In the first shot of Harold flying, the edge of the set is a bit visible on the top right corner.
  • When Harold arrives at Dryaw Airfields in the morning, there was a windsock next to him. But when he flies off the windsock is gone.
  • When Percy returns to Tidmouth Sheds, he moves before the turntable stops, but safely on the berth.
  • Sir Topham Hatt's name is spelled as 'Sir Topham Hat' on the letter.
  • When Thomas and Percy are at Dryaw, they have wires next to their lamps and Thomas' driver's head is on backwards.
  • When Thomas and Percy are leaving the harbour, just before cutting to the next scene with the lonely passenger, one of Percy's trucks is derailed.
  • When Thomas sees the man who missed his train, his eyes are wonky. Also the narrator says the man is worried but he's really smiling.
  • Blue paint can be seen on the upper arm of the man who missed his train.
  • The man who missed his train is wearing a scarf in his first few shots, but when he thanks Thomas' driver for giving him a ride home, the scarf has vanished.
  • The man who missed is train's clothing changes color between the large scale model and small scale model.
  • During the night scene of Percy taking the post, he has a lamp on his right lamp iron, but in the morning, the lamp is suddenly no longer in place.
  • When the Fat Controller shows Thomas and Percy the letter, Percy's whistle is missing and his face is loose.


  • [as Percy arrives at Dryaw station early in the morning, he recognises Harold approaching]
  • Percy: Bother! It's that dizzy thing, Harold.
  • Harold: Good morning. I always said railways were out of date, but you're so slow with the post. You should give everyone their stamps back, post haste!
  • Percy: Bird brain...

  • Thomas: Thank goodness I have a chance to speak to you. Driver says that the person in charge of the post has complained to the Fat Controller about the delay last night.
  • Percy: But that wasn't my fault!
  • Thomas: I know! And so does the Fat Controller. But this post person wouldn't listen. Tonight, we'll just have to be quicker than ever before.
[suddenly, Harold lands near them]
  • Harold: I say, you two! There's news flying about!
  • Percy: Where?
  • Harold: All over the place! They're going to scrap the Post Train and use me instead! Wings work wonders you know; always. (takes off)
  • Thomas: Rubbish!

  • Percy: Hello, lazywings. Are you too tired to fly today?
  • Harold: The wind's too strong. I've been grounded.
  • Percy: You need rails! They work wonders you know, always!


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese O Trem Postal
Chinese Mandarin 托马斯培西和邮政列车
Czech Tomáš, Percy a Poštovní Vlak
Danish Thomas, Percy og Posttoget
Dutch Thomas, Percy en de Posttrein
Finnish Tuomas, Pekka, ja Postijuna
German Der Postzug
Greek Το ταχυδρομικό τρένο
Hungarian Thomas, Percy és a Postajárat
Italian Il Treno Postale
Japanese おくれたゆうびんしゃ
Korean 토마스와 퍼시와 우편 열차
Latin American Spanish Thomas, Percy y el Tren de Correo
Norwegian Thomas, Percy og Posttoget
Polish Tomek, Piotrek i Pociąg Pocztowy
Romanian Thomas, Percy și Trenul Poștal
Russian Томас, Перси и почтовый поезд
Serbian Tomas, Persi i Poštanski Voz
Slovenian Tomaž, Poldi in Poštni Vlak
Swedish Thomas, Percy och Posttåget
Ukrainian Томас, Персі і поштовий потяг
Welsh Tomos, Pyrsi a'r Trên Bost

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