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Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go! is a reboot of the Thomas & Friends franchise slated to air on Cartoon Network on 13th September 2021 and Netflix on 15th October 2021 in the US. The series will premiere in the UK on Milkshake! on 8th November 2021.


In 2020, Mattel Television announced a new co-production partnership with Corus Entertainment’s Nelvana Studio. 104 11-minute episodes and two 60-minute specials were greenlit for the “Thomas & Friends” television series over two seasons. The new format will feature "a new look and story structure", original songs and Thomas as the lead character of every episode.

According to executive producer Christopher Keenan, the series will be 2D-animated, allowing the crew to cater to contemporary audiences and introduce more physicality and expressiveness in the characters.

Before the series had an official title, All Engines Go! Series 1 and 2 were commonly referred to as Series 25 and 26 respectively, in line with the numbering of the original twenty-four series of Thomas & Friends. This error carried over into some promotional material and marketing. The series' head writer, Rick Suvalle, has since confirmed that these were only working titles for the series during its production, as it takes place within an entirely different continuity.[1]




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  • This marks the first of a few things:
    • The first series animated exclusively in 2D by Nelvana Studio.
    • The first series in which drivers and firemen are not present.
    • The first series to have no narration.
    • The first series in which vehicular characters have coloured irises.
    • The first series in which Thomas is the lead character of every episode.
    • The first series not to feature Toby.[4]
    • The first appearance of Kirk Ronan since the fifth series of the original television series.
  • Both series of All Engines Go! contain more episodes than the longest series of Thomas & Friends (the tenth and twentieth series, both featuring 28 episodes respectively), with Series 1 and Series 2 running for 52 episodes each.
  • Although Whiff's Waste Dump (now Whiff's Recycling Plant) and McColl Farm make appearances and are named as such, both Whiff and Farmer McColl have yet to physically appear.
    • According to producer Rick Suvalle, there were plans for Whiff to make a physical appearance in the first series, however these never came to fruition.[5]
  • While he has yet to appear in the actual series, Skiff is present in merchandise form in the re-released Motorized Lift Bridge Thomas and Skiff set, with added blue irises to match the other All Engines Go! characters.



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