Thomas the Tank Engine Wikia

Thomas & Friends Classic Volume 4 is a streaming release available to view on Amazon Instant video and Roku Kids. Featuring all the remastered episodes from the fourth series narrated by George Carlin, the release was made in May 2016.


There are lots of special attractions for Thomas and his friends. Henry comes track to trunk with an elephant, as Daisy comes eye to eye with a bull. Thomas tells his friends stories of the little engines Duke, Stuart and Falcon. And everyone is excited when a royal visitor comes to town.


  1. Granpuff / Sleeping Beauty
  2. Bulldog / You Can't Win
  3. Four Little Engines / A Bad Day for Sir Handel
  4. Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady /  Rusty Helps Peter Sam (Trucks)
  5. Home at Last / Rock 'n' Roll
  6. Special Funnel / Steam Roller
  7. Passengers and Polish / Gallant Old Engine
  8. Rusty to the Rescue / Thomas and Stepney
  9. Bowled Out / Train Stops Play
  10. Henry and the Elephant / Thomas Meets the Queen (Paint Pots and Queens)
  11. Thomas and the Special Letter / Bulls Eyes
  12. Toad Stands By / Fish
  13. Special Attraction / Mind that Bike


  • This is the first time Four Little Engines, Train Stops Play, Bulls Eyes and Mind that Bike were released on digital home media in the US as the episodes were only on the VHS, Thomas Meets the Queen and Other Stories.


  • In Gallant Old Engine, Thomas' theme plays in the background on the left channel during certain scenes.