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Thomas & Friends Classic Volume 6 is a streaming release available to view on Amazon Instant video, Roku Kids and Kabillion. Featuring all the episodes from the sixth series narrated by Alec Baldwin, the release was made in May 2016.


Express coming through! Thomas jets full steam ahead, while Gordon takes a tumble. James is up in the air about a red balloon, as Percy goes crunch with some chocolate. Spend some sweet time with Thomas and his friends!


  1. No Sleep for Cranky / Salty's Secret
  2. Harvey to the Rescue / A Bad Day for Harold (the Helicopter)
  3. Elizabeth the Vintage Quarry Truck (Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry) / The Fogman
  4. Jack Jumps In / A Friend in Need
  5. It's Only Snow / Twin Trouble
  6. The World's Strongest Engine / Scaredy Engines
  7. Percy and the Haunted Mine / Middle Engine
  8. James and the Red Balloon / Jack Frost
  9. Gordon Takes a Tumble / Percy's Chocolate Crunch
  10. Buffer Bother / Toby Had a Little Lamb
  11. Thomas, Percy and the Squeak / Thomas and the Jet Engine
  12. Edward, the Very Useful Engine (Edward the Really Useful Engine) / Dunkin Duncan
  13. Rusty Saves the Day / Faulty Whistles


  • This is the first time Alec Baldwin's narration of Jack Jumps In was ever released in the US as it only aired on the Canadian television station TVO Kids. Previously, only Michael Angelis' US narration of that episode was ever released in the US on the New Friends for Thomas and Other Adventures DVD.
  • Because the episodes are in production order, Salty and Harvey appear in No Sleep for Cranky before their respective introductory episodes, Salty's Secret and Harvey to the Rescue.
  • Emily appears on the cover despite not being introduced until the following series.
  • The Amazon release features the newer Thomas & Friends logo.


  • The thumbnail for James and the Red Balloon on the Vudu release uses a picture of Skarloey from The Grand Opening. The last six episodes are also missing.
  • Edward the Very Useful Engine has a comma at the end of "Edward" in the menu for the Amazon release.