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Thomas & Friends Classic Volume 7 is a streaming release available to view on Amazon Instant video, Roku Kids and Kabillion. Featuring all the episodes from the seventh series narrated by Michael Brandon, the release was made on May 2016.


Watch these track stars! Percy gets it right, as Gordon steams over Spencer. Salty saves the day, while Thomas deserves a medal. Join in the adventure and fun with Thomas and Friends.


  1. Emily's New Coaches / Percy Gets it Right
  2. Bill, Ben and Fergus / The Old (Iron) Bridge
  3. Edward's Brass Band / What's the Matter with Henry?
  4. James and the Queen of Sodor / The Refreshment Lady's Stand (The Refreshment Lady's Tea Shop)
  5. (The) Spotless Record / Toby's Windmill
  6. Bad Day at Castle Loch / Rheneas and the Roller Coaster
  7. Salty's Stormy Tale / Snow Engine
  8. Something Fishy / The Runaway Elephant
  9. Peace and Quiet / Fergus Breaks the Rules
  10. Bulgy Rides Again / Harold and the Flying Horse
  11. The Grand Opening / Best Dressed Engine
  12. Gordon and Spencer / Not So Hasty Cakes (Not So Hasty Puddings)
  13. Trusty Rusty / Hooray for Thomas


  • This is the first time:
    • Michael Brandon's narration's of The Spotless Record, Peace and Quiet and Gordon and Spencer had been released on home media.
    • Harold and the Flying Horse, Bulgy Rides Again and Salty's Stormy Tale had been released on home media with music by Robert Hartshorne's music as opposed to Mike O'Donnell and Junior Campbell.
  • Not So Hasty Cakes uses the UK title card.
  • The Kabillion and Roku releases use the UK dub for The Grand Opening.


  • The Refreshment Lady's Stand UK title card is used in the episode list, but it uses the US title card when it is being played.