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Thomas & Friends Storytime is a podcast series featuring Thomas & Friends stories narrated by Mark Moraghan. Stories featured include adaptations of episodes of the television series as well as books such as Thomas and the Beanstalk. Each story is released weekly on Tuesdays. There are 46 stories in total in the first series.[1]

Episodes adapted from the television series are written by Lorna Hardy and John Gilluley while Ian McCue and David Stoten write the episodes adapted from fairy-tales or originals. The episodes are produced by Lorna Hardy and directed by John Gilluley at Scruffy Dog Media. Ian McCue is the showrunner. The podcast artworks are produced by Mattel.

The soundtrack is composed by Chris Renshaw, including brand new scores for the stories adapted from Series 17 through 19.

Compilations featuring previously released episodes are also released on occasion, although these are mainly exclusive to the US.

A second series was announced sometime in April 2021, with Chris Renshaw returning as composer.[2] The second series was released on 11 May 2021 and ended 28 December of the same year. The series would then be revamped for All Engines Go with Rachael Miller taking over the role as the narrator. However, compilations of episodes from the original series are still released on a semi-frequent basis. Additionally, the series currently releases episodes every other week, often alternating between episodes from the reboot-themed podcast series to compilations of episodes from the original podcast series.



  • Due to Diesel and Sir Topham Hatt being voiced by Kerry Shale and Keith Wickham respectively in the US dub, as of the nineteenth series and the 2015 special, The Adventure Begins, respectively, their UK voice clips are used for the US dubs of episodes where they were originally voiced by Martin Sherman and Kerry Shale, respectively (with the exception of The Missing Christmas Decorations for the former).
    • This also applies for the children in Steamie Stafford and the Blonde-haired Boy and the Passengers in Last Train For Christmas.


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