“That's a very unusual chiming engine you have, Sir Topham!"
"It's the only one of its kind and I am very proud of it! Now that was twelve o'clock, Thomas has never been late for lunch and nor have I! Come on, I'll treat you all in the station café!”
―The Inspectors talking to Sir Topham Hatt

Thomas Chimes In is a magazine story.


Thomas has to show the Railway Inspectors to the junctions and danger spots. The Fat Controller then holds up an "Inspection Timetable" and Thomas promises to keep good time, but his driver is worried as his watch has stopped working. As the Inspectors arrive, the Fat Controller is cross with Thomas' driver. Then he hears a chiming coming from his office. It is his office clock which he lends to Thomas' driver to keep in the cab.

At each location, the clock chimes loudly when Thomas arrives. At the end of the inspection, Thomas returns to the Main Station where they meet the Fat Controller. The inspectors are curious and tell the Fat Controller that he has a very unusual chiming engine. The Fat Controller plays along and agrees that Thomas is one of a kind and then offers to buy the Inspectors lunch in the station's café.



  • The Mountain Junction is located between Cronk and Wellsworth, yet it is said to be on Thomas' Branch Line.
  • In the seventh illustration, Thomas' firebox is much too small and is blue instead of black.


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