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This article is about the book. You may be looking for the episode, the US VHS/DVD release, the Romanian DVD, the UK VHS, the Buzz Book or the Step Into Reading book.

Thomas Comes to Breakfast is a book written by the Rev. W. Awdry. The story is a compilation of events that took place in the Railway Series book, Branch Line Engines. It was later re-illustrated with My First Thomas-style illustrations.


Thomas' driver jokes that he can drive without him. Next morning at dawn a cleaner is being careless and when Thomas wakes up he starts to move but finds out that he cannot stop. Thomas thinks that the buffers will stop him but finds that there are no buffers. He runs onto the road and straight toward the stationmaster's house. Thomas crashes through the wall interrupting the stationmaster's family breakfast. Soon Donald and Douglas come to help him out of the mess and he is later scolded by the Fat Controller. The next day a Diesel railcar, named Daisy arrives to the branch line to help Toby and Percy while Thomas is at the works. Daisy causes trouble, but the Fat Controller decides to let her have another chance.




  • Unlike in the original story, Thomas' valance remains curved.
  • This is a re-write of the first story from the 16th book Branch Line Engines.
  • The book was published so that the story Thomas Comes to Breakfast could be adapted for television as the second series was still in production when this book was first published. This can also explain why Donald and Douglas are still painted in their black liveries.


  • Donald and Douglas are missing their nameplates.
  • In the first illustration, a third coach is visible behind Clarabel.

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