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This article is about 'the Chinese DVD'. You may be looking for 'the episode, the Thai DVD, the Malaysian DVD, the book, the Chinese book or the magazine story'.

Thomas Crazy Day is a Chinese DVD featuring five episodes from the fourteenth series.


It's a busy day for Thomas. He has promised to play hide and seek with his best friend Percy at the Steam Works, and the Fat Controller has asked him to show Bash, Dash and Ferdinand (the Misty Island Logging Locos) what it takes to be a Really Useful engine. Thomas decides that he will just have to do everything so he rushes back and forward from Brendham Docks to the Steam Works - helping the Logging Locos and playing a game of hide and seek with Percy. Thomas asks Cranky to help him show the Logging Locos how to be Really Useful while he is away. Instead of helping Thomas, Cranky has lifted Dash high into the air! Not helpful at all. Thomas realises he needs to do one thing at a time so he finishes showing the Locos how to be Really Useful and then finishes the game of hide and seek with his best friend Percy.


  1. Thomas' Crazy Day
  2. Jumping Jobi Wood!
  3. Thomas and Scruff
  4. Oh the Indignity
  5. Jitters and Japes


  • The apostrophe is missing from the DVD's title.
  • O the Indignity is titled "Oh the Indignity".
  • On the back cover, Brendam is misspelled as "Brendham". It also states that Dash is the one Cranky lifts onto a ship when it is actually Ferdinand.