“I'm sorry I delayed you again, and I'm sorry I got upset. Everyone knows this is a very good railway!”
―The man on Annie

Thomas Gets Delayed is a magazine story.


Thomas is ready to leave with his first train of the day, until he realises he does not have a fireman. An impatient man on Annie asks why they are delayed and before anyone can explain, the fireman runs up to the cab. He states that he had misplaced his hat. Thomas is ready to go again, but then Clarabel mentions that her guard is not on board. The man on Annie becomes even crosser, until Bertie arrives with the guard. The guard states that his bike chain had broken and Bertie was nearby. Finally Thomas gets to leave, but just before the guard blows his whistle, the man realises he has left his briefcase in the waiting room. The man apologises for being cross and delaying Thomas again, but he knows that the railway is still really reliable.



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