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This article is about the DVD. You may be looking for the book, the US titled episode or the Philippine DVD.

Thomas Gets Tricked and Other Stories, retitled Thomas Gets Tricked, is a US and Canadian VHS/DVD release featuring the first seven episodes of the first series narrated by Ringo Starr. An additional two first series episodes, one second series episode and one third series episode are included on the Video Treasures version narrated by George Carlin. It was distributed by Strand VCI Entertainment in 1990, Strand Home Video in 1992, Time-Life in 1994, Anchor Bay Entertainment in 1995 and 2003 and was later released on DVD in 2007 including a song. A Double Feature DVD with Percy's Ghostly Trick was released in 2007, and a second double feature with Thomas' Halloween Adventures was released on 16 June 2015. It was released under the title Aprendendo com Thomas for Brazilian audiences and was released under the title Una Lección para Thomas in 2007 for Latin American audiences. It was released under title, Thomas and Friends - Volume 1 for Thai audiences.


1990/1992/1994 VHS

PEEP-PEEP! All aboard for fun with Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends. This trip takes us to the Island of Sodor for a trainload of fun with Thomas and all his friends, including Gordon, Edward, Percy, Toby and, of course, Annie and Clarabel the passenger cars.

Join in our travels and let our magical storyteller, Ringo Starr, guide us through these adventures.

1995/2003 VHS

PEEP! PEEP! All aboard for trainloads of fun with Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends. See why Gordon gives Thomas a lesson he won't forget and how Henry comes to the rescue when disaster strikes. Find out what happens when Thomas gets a chance to pull his very own train... with unexpected results.

So join in the fun and magic on the Island of Sodor with all your favorite friends!


PEEP! PEEP! All aboard for trainloads of fun with the first Thomas episodes ever. See why Gordon gives Thomas a lesson he won't forget and how Henry comes to the rescue when disaster strikes. Find out what happens when Thomas gets a chance to pull his very own train... with unexpected results.

Join in on the fun and magic on the Island of Sodor with all your favorite friends.



  1. Thomas Gets Tricked
  2. Edward Helps Out
  3. Come Out, Henry!
  4. Henry to the Rescue
  5. A Big Day for Thomas
  6. Trouble for Thomas
  7. Thomas Saves the Day
  8. James in a Mess (1995 George Carlin release only)
  9. Thomas Goes Fishing (1995 George Carlin release only)
  10. A Cow on the Line (1995 George Carlin release only)
  11. Gordon and the Famous Visitor (1995 George Carlin release only)


  1. Thomas and Gordon
  2. Edward and Gordon
  3. The Sad Story of Henry
  4. Edward, Gordon and Henry
  5. Thomas' Train
  6. Thomas and the Trucks
  7. Thomas and the Breakdown Train

Latin America

  1. A Lesson for Thomas
  2. Edward to the Rescue
  3. Henry's Pride
  4. Edward, Gordon, and Henry
  5. A Great Day for Thomas
  6. Thomas in Trouble
  7. Thomas, Hero of the Day

Song (DVD only)

Bonus Features


  • This is the first release of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends on home video in the US.
  • The VHS covers use a photo from Saved from Scrap.
  • When first released, this and James Learns a Lesson and Other Stories were released with a blue VHS tape.
  • After the credits roll on the Strand VCI Entertainment release, there is a message featuring a picture of Sir Topham Hatt that zooms out to reveal Strand VCI's mail address on a blue/purple gradient background, encouraging viewers to write to Sir Topham Hatt to receive a tin of cookies as thanks for buying the video.
  • The first four episodes feature lines that were re-dubbed:
    • Thomas Gets Tricked: In the 1990 Strand VCI Entertainment release, Ringo Starr says, "And off Thomas ran laughing." The lines, "Thomas likes to tease Gordon with his whistle" and "'Maybe I don't have to tease Gordon to feel important,' Thomas thought to himself," are also changed. This was the version used in the Random House read-along CD recording. The original lines, as well as "And off he ran laughing," are restored in the 1992 Strand Home Video release and were used on every tape featuring the 1992 program including its DVD release.
    • Edward Helps Out: "Edward's driver came up."
    • Come Out, Henry!: "How long do you think Henry will stay in the tunnel before he overcomes his fear of the rain and then decides to journey out again?"
    • Henry to the Rescue: "'I'd like to come out of the tunnel.' But Henry didn't know how to ask."
  • Some Time-Life editions were packaged with a copy of the Toby the Tram Engine Buzz Book.
  • In 1995, Video Treasures released three versions of the video. One version uses the 1990 program with the Strand VCI logo, another uses the 1992 program without any opening or closing logos, and still using narration by Ringo Starr, and the final version features the 1992 program with the Video Treasures logo and narration from George Carlin. The last one also features four bonus episodes: James in a Mess, Thomas Goes Fishing, A Cow on the Line, and Gordon and the Famous Visitor. The end credits on both the George Carlin VHS and DVD release were taken from Daisy and Other Thomas Stories, as it used the end still shot from Percy Takes the Plunge.
  • The 1995 George Carlin release is considered as a rare item to find.
  • The US/UK audio tracks overlap on the 1995 tape featuring the 1992 program with Ringo's narration.
  • The 2003 VHS is the first US VHS to feature the 2003 Anchor Bay Entertainment logo.
  • The 2007 DVD cover has a mock-up illustration of Thomas being pushed by the Jet Engine past Callan Castle.
  • The slim case DVD cover features the 2008 Anchor Bay Entertainment logo.
  • On Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Starz, the stories are told by George Carlin.
  • On the Brazilian DVD of this and James Learns a Lesson and Other Stories, the episodes are given their UK titles.
  • The Brazilian version of the DVD features a Language Selection which features the option to change the languages between Portuguese, (American) English and (Latin American) Spanish.
  • A picture from Topped Off Thomas can be seen on the back cover of the Brazilian version of this release.


  • The 1990 back cover lists A Big Day for Thomas as A Big Day Out for Thomas.
  • The 1995 Anchor Bay Entertainment release featuring the 1990 program displays the Strand VCI Entertainment logo instead of the Video Treasures logo. This is one of two Anchor Bay releases to feature the Strand VCI logo.
  • The 1995 release featuring the 1992 program with Ringo Starr's narration does not display the Video Treasures logo, and starts off with just the Britt Allcroft logo.
  • Thomas Gets Tricked is out of sync on the 1995 George Carlin-dubbed tape.
  • On the 1999 tape label, Britt Allcroft's name is misspelled "Beth Allcroft."
  • During Trouble for Thomas, as Thomas goes up the hill, a man can be faintly heard saying "Look out for the train!" on the 1993 Strand Home Video and 2003 Anchor Bay Entertainment tapes.
  • In Gordon's Memory Game, Gordon asks "Can you remember what was not in the scene with Thomas?" after a scene with James is shown.
  • In the DVD booklet, Gordon's Memory Game menu button is circle.
  • On the back cover and the booklet of the DVD, Gordon's Memory Game is simply called "Memory Game."
  • On the back cover of the DVD and the booklet, the Sodor Memories is wrongly called "Character Gallery."
  • The episodes are listed out of order in the DVD booklet.
  • A Big Day for Thomas is out of sync on the Starz version.
  • On the Netflix version, the last music cue in Trouble for Thomas is played twice.
  • The Universal release has no end credits.
  • In the 2007 DVD release after the intro, when Thomas Gets Tricked starts, if the closed captions are on, the captions read that George Carlin is the narrator as opposed to Ringo Starr.

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