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This article is about 'the Japanese theme park'. You may be looking for 'the British theme park or the US theme park'.

Thomas Land (Japanese: トーマスランド, Tōmasu Rando) is the first Thomas & Friends theme park. It is located at Fuji-Q High Land park, Yamanashi, Japan. It was opened in July 1998.




  • Thomas Land Express

Motor Tomica

  • Thomas Land Express


  • Fujikyukou 5001
  • Fujikyukou 5002


  • Go to Thomas Land Map Set
  • Thomas Land Express


  • Water Drinks


  • At some point after the Japanese release of Hero of the Rails, the scene with Emily and Oliver in the Great Gatagogo Adventure ride was replaced with Hiro in his hiding spot. Oliver's model from this scene was moved to the end of the ride and was later removed from the ride entirely.
  • Spencer was removed from the Great Gatagoto Adventure and was replaced with Rheneas' dinosaur.
  • Murdoch was removed from one of the scenes in the Great Gatagoto Adventure and he was replaced by James in the CGI update of the ride.
  • Percy's crash at Mr. Jolly's Chocolate Factory was removed from the Great Gatagoto Adventure and several museum artifacts from Ulfstead Castle took his place.
  • Percy in the snowy section of the Great Gatagoto Adventure was updated with a CGI face.
  • During the Thomas and Percy Fun Ride, Thomas has Edward's whistle sound.
  • The Thomas and Percy Fun Ride had gone through several changes over the years:
    • 2010:
      • A James replica was built and replaced Lady as the third operating engine for the ride, with Lady's purple coaches repainted as Red Express Coaches and Lady being shifted to the sidings by the Coal Hopper and Diesel 10.
    • 2015:
      • Tidmouth Hault station before Henry's Tunnel was rebuilt into Dryaw, where Bertie was moved.
      • A Sodor Search and Rescue Centre replica with Flynn was built, where Harold was moved over to.
      • Henry's Tunnel went through a massive redesign: Henry (who was originally part of a re-enactment of Henry and the Elephant) was flipped around and walled up (creating a re-enactment of The Sad Story of Henry) and Edward (originally in a shed near Knapford Station) was moved to the other end of the tunnel, with a replica of Kevin (shifting some Steamworks crates) added right next to him. The area where Henry was originally viewable is now covered up by a wall of "dirt" coated in dinosaur bones (referencing Tale of the Brave).
      • The shed where Edward originally resided was demolished and replaced with a replica of Sir Topham Hatt and Winston on a siding.
      • The crossing where Bertie was originally located was turned into a farm crossing, with Terence being moved to the top of a hill just near it.
      • The Sodor Railways billboard towards the end of the ride was replaced by posters of Allicia Botti and Spencer offering "Mainland Direct" services.
      • Lady was removed and Diesel 10's shed was redecorated as the Dieselworks, Based on the 2011 Special, Day of the Diesels.
  • The humans on the outdoor ride are based on the Third Series reference photos as evidenced by several of the workmen and Mrs. Kyndley.
    • One workman is a combination of a narrow gauge workman with the head of Bertie's conductor.

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