Thomas Noisy Book is an interactive sound book featuring seven stories.


  • Thomas and the Car Thief: A car has been stolen.
  • Thomas Runs Away: As Thomas waits for Henry, his driver forgets to put his brakes on. Thomas slowly starts to move out of the station while Harold the Helicopter chases after him.
  • Edward's Fire: Edward and James take an evening train to Tidmouth, but along the way Edward suffers problems, a spark from his funnel soon puts him and James in great danger.
  • Henry Goes to Hospital: An ambulance breaks down, so Henry offers to helps and he delivers a little girl to hospital after she sprained her ankle.
  • Gordon and the Fire Engine: It's a hot day when Gordon runs out of water while pulling the express. Help is soon on the way as both Harold and the Fire Engine come to help.
  • Percy and the Christmas Post: Percy is delivering Christmas Mail around the Island when suddenly he is stuck in a snow drift. Harold is soon on the way to help Percy out.
  • Bertie Saves the Day: One day, Thomas the Tank Engine saw smoke up ahead. The signal box has caught fire and the signal man was injured so Harold takes him to hospital. Bertie is soon at the station to take on Thomas' passengers.



  • According to Owain Bell in an SiF interview, a man wearing a yellow shirt with "Joe's Garage" written on it is supposed to be Frank Zappa in one of the illustrations in Henry Goes to the Hospital.


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