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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the Thai DVD.

“Hello, Thomas! Your brakes don't sound good.”
“Oh, no, Thomas. You lost them all. Now, the bridge can't be finished!”
―Bridge Worker

Thomas Puts the Brakes On is the seventeenth episode of the twelfth series.


The Sodor River Bridge is being repaired and Thomas has been helping with it. He now has one more delivery: four sets of special blocks made specifically for the bridge. The Fat Controller warns Thomas that there are no more like it anywhere. Thomas sets off for the bridge. As he chuffs to the bridge, he applies his brakes at a red signal next to Stanley. His brakes are squeaking loudly and it takes a while to brake. Stanley offers to take the blocks for him, but Thomas is determined.

Along the way, Emily warns Thomas to slow down because of a sharp bend. Thomas applies his brakes, but the squeak is much longer and his brakes do not work right. Hitting a bump, some sets of the special blocks bounce off of his flatbed. Thomas is too concerned about his brakes to notice. He keeps on puffing. He soon decides to go slowly, but as he goes down Gordon's Hill, he rushes down it because of the weight of his delivery. Gordon comes with the express and tells Thomas to slow down. Thomas puts the brakes on, but as before, there is a squeak and the brakes do not work. Worse still, the squeak is louder. Thomas veers into an emergency siding and bashes the buffers. More blocks fall off. Thomas is too concerned about his brakes to notice.

Thomas soon sees the bridge up ahead. Thomas is excited, but as he chuffs down, his brakes fail altogether. Thomas clatters off the track and onto the broken part of the bridge. The flatbed hits Thomas' rear buffers, knocking the rest of the blocks into the river. This is where Thomas discovers that he lost all of his blocks. Stanley helps Thomas back onto the track and they set off to recover the blocks. With Murdoch taking Rocky, the blocks are recovered and Thomas goes to the works. When Thomas returns to the bridge, his brakes do not squeak and he instantly stops. Thomas and Stanley are pleased and spend the day on the newly-built bridge.





  • The chain between Thomas and the flatbed gets longer when Thomas derails at the bridge.
  • When Stanley goes to collect the bricks on the hill, a track disappears.
  • The brake van at the end of Thomas' train disappears when Stanley shunts Thomas back to the yard. In the same scene, one of Thomas' eyes is missing.
  • In a picture of where they found the blocks from the hill, red and brown wires are visible.
  • A string can be seen pulling Gordon when he passes Thomas.
  • Stanley's piston rod is crooked when he pulls Thomas from the bridge.
  • Rocky's eyes are wonky when Thomas passes him.
  • Thomas' eyes are wonky when he passes Emily.
  • When Thomas derails on the bridge, Stanley's CGI face fades away, and his tracker can be faintly seen.
  • After Thomas derails at the bridge, the narrator says his flatbed hit his buffers, when it hit the rear of his bunker.


In Other Languages

Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Thomas Aperta os Freios
Chinese Mandarin 托马斯踩刹车
Croatian Tomica i Kočnice
Czech Tomáš Brzdí
Finnish Tuomaksen Töyssyinen Matka
French Un Drôle de Bruit
German Quietschende Bremsen
Indonesian Thomas Menggunakan Rem
Italian Problemi di Freni
Korean 요란스러운 브레이크 (Kids 1)
고장 난 브레이크 (EBS)
Latin American Spanish Thomas Frena a Tiempo
Polish Tomek i Hamowanie

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