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“What's that horrible smell? Oh, it's just a stinky old steam engine!"
"How rude!”
―Diesel and Thomas

Thomas Saves the Day is a magazine story, illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


It is a busy, bustling day on the Island of Sodor when the Fat Controller sends Thomas to the quarry. When Thomas arrives, he has a nasty shock when he sees Diesel. Thomas explains that he has arrived to help Mavis, but Diesel tells Thomas that steam engines cannot possibly help diesels like fellow diesel engines can.

Thomas gets on with his work, but Diesel is being as devious as ever. First, he shunts Thomas under a hopper and when Thomas lets off steam, he remarks about there being a horrible smell. He then tells Thomas that it is no wonder the Fat Controller is thinking of scrapping the steam engines. Poor Thomas is so upset that he cannot sleep at all that night.

The next day, Norman arrives at the Sodor Dieselworks with fresh diesel fuel from the Mainland to fill up the fuel tanks which are almost empty. All the diesels line up to be refuelled. After Diesel has been refuelled, he is raring to go and starts showing off. Then, suddenly, Diesel's engine starts to splutter and black smoke billows from his exhaust. Soon, all the other diesel engines break down, too. The Dieselworks manager works out that water had leaked into the fuel tanks overnight and it has caused the diesels to become ill. The Fat Controller calls for Thomas and asks him to collect some fresh fuel from the depot. Thomas speeds away as fast as his wheels can carry him.

Soon, Thomas is pulling trucks loaded with heavy fuel drums across the island. Back at the Dieselworks, all of the diesels wait for Thomas to arrive. Diesel is still feeling sick and Mavis looks very pale indeed. Then, Thomas steamed triumphantly in with the new fuel. Mavis and Diesel have the bad fuel drained from their tanks and the clean fuel poured in.

The Dieselworks is soon back to normal and the engines are feeling much better. The Fat Controller arrives to congratulate Thomas. Even Diesel has to agree that Thomas has done a great job and admits that perhaps they need steam engines just as much as diesels.




  • In the first image, Thomas is mirrored.


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