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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the 2012 magazine story, the 2016 magazine story, the Malaysian DVD or the German DVD.

“Ha ha ha! Chasing crows! Ha ha ha!”
―Den laughing at Thomas

Thomas Toots the Crows is the eighth episode of the sixteenth series.


It is time for farmers to sow their seeds on Sodor. Thomas is on his way to Farmer McColl's Farm with flatbeds of straw. As he approaches the farm, he spots a large flock of noisy crows filling the sky. As Thomas pulls in at the farm, he sees Farmer McColl run into his crop field trying to shoo the crows who are eating his seeds. The troubled farmer explains that his scarecrow is in a terrible state, and he cannot fix it before the next morning. Thomas toots his whistle and the crows disperse into the sky. Farmer McColl is very pleased and asks Thomas if he can stay and help him keep the crows off his field. Thomas agrees to help.

Thomas is watching the field as two crows land in it, ready to peck at the seeds. Thomas whistles, but the crows do not take any notice. Thomas rolls forwards and toots again, but the crows still ignore him. Then the crows fly down the track and Thomas chases after them, determined to keep them away from the field. The crows fly towards the Dieselworks with Thomas in close pursuit.

At the Dieselworks, Den is dozing as the two crows land on his cab. Thomas rolls in and blows his whistle to scare the crows, but he accidentally wakes Den, who is not happy. Thomas explains that he is chasing crows, much to Den's merriment, and races away after the crows. The crows head towards the Steamworks. Gordon is there, having a repaint when the crows land on his boiler. Thomas whistles at them, but he startles a workman, who paints a black moustache above Gordon's mouth. Gordon is so embarrassed and annoyed as Thomas sets off after the crows again. This time, the crows fly towards the quarry, where they land on Mavis' slate truck. Thomas pulls into the quarry whistling. This surprises Mavis, who charges forward, bashing into her trucks. Thomas explains that he is chasing crows for Farmer McColl and sets off.

Thomas now cannot see the crows and decides he must have scared them away for good and heads back to tell Farmer McColl the good news. However, when he arrives at McColl Farm, Farmer McColl is unhappy. Whilst Thomas had spent the best part of the day chasing the two crows, loads more have returned to the farmer's field. Thomas feels foolish and Farmer McColl is very upset; he will not have the scarecrow mended until the morning. By way of apology, Thomas offers to stay at the farm overnight to keep an eye on the crop field. He goes on to promise that, this time, he will not move a piston. Farmer McColl gratefully excepts Thomas' kind offer.

So that night, Thomas keeps watching over Farmer McColl's Field. Every time a crow lands in the field, he blows his whistle loudly. The next morning, not a single seed had been eaten. Farmer McColl now has a new scarecrow and is very grateful to Thomas, who is so tired, he can hardly keep his eyes open. Farmer McColl insists that Thomas go and rest as his scarecrow can take over now.





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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Thomas Espantando os
Czech Tomáš Troubí na Vrány
French Thomas joue l'épouvantail
Galician Thomas Fai de Espantallo
German Hupen und Tuten
Hungarian Thomas Elfüttyögi a Varjakat
Italian Lo Spaventapasseri
Japanese トーマスとカラス
Korean 훠이 훠이 까마귀
Latin American Spanish Thomas y los Cuervos
Norwegian Thomas Tuter på Kråkene
Polish Strach na Wrony
Romanian Thomas Flueiră Turmele
Russian Гроза ворон

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