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“Thomas! Why do you have to hoot and toot when I'm having a snooze?”

Thomas Toots the Crows is a magazine story, illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


It is planting time on Sodor and the farmers are ploughing the fields and planting their seeds. As Thomas puffs into McColl Farm, he can see the sky is full of very noisy crows. Farmer McColl is in his field trying to shoo away the birds with his hat. Farmer McColl is exhausted; the crows are eating all of his seeds and his scarecrow is broken. Then, a very clever idea flies into Thomas' funnel. Thomas offers to scare the crows away with his whistle. Farmer McColl is very pleased.

So, while Farmer McColl repairs his scarecrow, Thomas keeps an eye on Farmer McColl's field. Two crows swoop down and start to nibble at the seeds. Thomas blows his whistle and the crows fly to a nearby fence. Thomas decides to chase the crows right away and they all head towards the Sodor Dieselworks.

At the Dieselworks, Den is having a snooze. The crows land on his cab as Thomas arrives. Thomas blows his whistle loudly, the crows fly off and Den is rudely awoken. Thomas gives chase to the crows once again and follows them all the way to the Sodor Steamworks where Gordon is having a new coat of paint. Thomas toots his whistle to scare the crows away, but ends up making the workman painting Gordon jump instead. The workman slips and wipes black paint all over Gordon's face. Thomas apologises and races off to find the crows again, but they are nowhere to be seen. Feeling very pleased with himself, Thomas returns to Farmer McColl's Farm.

Back at the farm, Thomas cannot believe his eyes - Farmer McColl's field is full of crows. Thomas feels terrible and offers to stay and watch the field all night. Thomas keeps his promise and stays by the field all night. Farmer McColl is very grateful.




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