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“I must hurry or I’ll miss the carnival.”

Thomas Tries His Best is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the television series.


Thomas is very excited when the carnival arrives on the Island of Sodor. One afternoon, however, on his assignment to collect the chickens, he has to wait as Farmer McColl’s truck has a flat tyre. It has been a long time after Farmer McColl finally arrives with the chickens, and Thomas speeds away to reach Brendam Docks and finish his job in time to see the carnival. But the chickens are not happy with the speed, and Thomas slows down.

When he finally arrives at Brendam Docks, it is getting late and he thinks he has missed the carnival. However he is assigned to take the crate to the carnival, which contains a generator, as the one there had broken down and all the rides have stopped working. As Thomas pulls up to the carnival with the new generator to reactivate the rides, he is praised for being a really useful engine once again.




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