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“Oh, deary me. Oh, deary me.”

Thomas and Bertie is a magazine story.


One day, Thomas is waiting at a junction when a bus arrives. The bus introduces himself as Bertie who remembers Thomas from when the little tank engine got stuck in the snow. Bertie tells Thomas that he has come to help with the passengers again today. Thomas is cross; he can go faster than a bus. Bertie is sure that he is the fastest and offers to race Thomas. Their drivers agree and the stationmaster sends them on their way.

Thomas is always slow to start and Bertie quickly takes the lead. However, Thomas isn't worried; he remembers the level crossing. As Thomas races gaily across the level crossing, he sees Bertie fuming at the gates. After that, the road leaves the railway.

Soon, Thomas has to stop at a station where he asks the passengers to get in quickly. As he sets off again, he sees Bertie cross over a bridge - tooting triumphantly on his horn. Then, Thomas comes to another station and Bertie overtakes; teasing Thomas as he does. Thomas is sure he has lost, but then has a drink and soon he feels better. As Thomas crosses the bridge, he sees Bertie waiting impatiently at a set of traffic lights. Now Thomas has reached his full speed and although Bertie tries hard, Thomas is just too fast. Thomas plunges into a tunnel, leaving Bertie toiling far behind. Thomas whooshes into the last station. Everyone is there to celebrate Thomas' victory and they give Bertie a big welcome too.

Thomas and Bertie would like to race again, but the Fat Controller will not allow it and Bertie's passengers do not like being bounced about like peas.





  • In the fourth illustration, Annie's underframes, buffer housings and coupling hook are white, when they should be black. In the eighth illustration, both coaches' axleboxes are white.


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