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Thomas and Friends Five Specials Set (토마스와 친구들 5종 세트) are Korean DVDs featuring twenty episodes from thirteenth series.


Vol. 1

  1. Creaky Cranky - 삐걱대는 크랭키
  2. The Lion of Sodor - 소도어의 사자
  3. Tickled Pink - 기쁜 제임스
  4. Slippy Sodor - 미끄러운 소도어

Vol. 2

  1. The Early Bird - 부지런한 토마스
  2. Play Time - 재밌게 놀자!
  3. Thomas and the Pigs - 토마스와 아기 돼지
  4. Time for a Story - 특별한 피크닉

Vol. 3

  1. Percy's Parcel - 퍼시의 소포
  2. Toby's New Whistle - 토비의 새 기적
  3. A Blooming Mess - 에밀리와 꽃
  4. Thomas and the Runaway Kite - 토마스와 달아난 연

Vol. 4

  1. Steamy Sodor - 토마스의 새 임무
  2. Splish Splash Splosh - 신나는 물장난
  3. The Biggest Present of All - 토마스의 특별한 선물
  4. Snow Tracks - 눈 덮인 기찻길

Vol. 5

  1. Henry's Good Deeds - 헨리의 선행
  2. Buzzy Bees - 토마스와 벌
  3. Hiro Helps Out - 히로의 도움
  4. Double Trouble - 쌍둥이 사장님


  • This DVD has five discs for all of the episodes.
  • This DVD has English dubs, subtitles and Korean subtitles however, it does not have Korean dubs on DVD.
  • This DVD was got other order for episodes.
  • This DVD was the last to be released on DVD in South Korea.


  • They did not translation the "Express coming through" sentence of the Tickled Pink.


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