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Thomas and Friends Volume 12 is a Hong Kong VCD/DVD release.  The DVD release features three episodes from the first series, two second series episodes, four third series episodes, one fourth series episode, two fifth series episodes, and four seventh series episodes. The VCD release features eleven fifth series episodes.



  1. Thomas, Percy and Old Slow Coach
  2. Put Upon Percy
  3. Toby and the Flood
  4. Haunted Henry
  5. Double Teething Troubles
  6. Stepney Gets Lost
  7. Toby's Discovery
  8. Something in the Air
  9. Thomas and the Rumours
  10. Oliver's Find
  11. Happy Ever After


  1. Thomas in Trouble
  2. Off the Rails
  3. Bad Day at Castle Loch
  4. Mavis
  5. Edward's Exploit
  6. James and the Queen of Sodor
  7. The Spotless Record
  8. Bill, Ben and Fergus
  9. Heroes
  10. Percy Runs Away
  11. Donald's Duck
  12. Thomas and Trevor
  13. Bye George!
  14. Cranky Bugs
  15. You Can't Win
  16. Escape



  • The DVD back cover lists Bad Day at Castle Loch as "Bad Day and Castle Loch".