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Thomas and Friends Volume 18 is a Hong Kong VCD/DVD release. The VCD release features ten seventh series episodes. The DVD release features one eighth series episode, five ninth series episodes and two tenth series episodes.



  1. Best Dressed Engine
  2. Emily's New Coaches
  3. Fergus Breaks the Rules
  4. The Spotless Record
  5. Peace and Quiet
  6. Trusty Rusty
  7. The Runaway Elephant
  8. The Grand Opening
  9. Something Fishy
  10. Not So Hasty Puddings


  1. Emily Knows Best
  2. Henry and the Flagpole
  3. Saving Edward
  4. Edward Strikes Out
  5. Thomas' New Trucks
  6. Molly's Special Special
  7. Fish
  8. Big Strong Henry


  • The illustration of Molly on the front cover features her early face design.
“Welcome to the Steamworks, my friend!”
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