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This article is about the Hong Kong DVD. You may be looking for the Thai DVD.

Thomas and Friends Volume 5 is a Hong Kong VCD/DVD release. The VCD features ten second series episodes. The DVD release features two episodes from the first series, two second series episodes, three third series episodes, two fourth series episodes, two fifth series episodes, three sixth series episodes, and one seventh series episode.



  1. Thomas Comes to Breakfast
  2. Better Late Than Never
  3. Break Van
  4. The Deputation
  5. Daisy
  6. Percy's Predicament
  7. The Diseasel
  8. Wrong Road
  9. Edward's Exploit
  10. Ghost Train


  1. Thomas and Gordon
  2. Thomas and the Guard
  3. The Old Bridge
  4. Percy and Harold
  5. Thomas Comes to Breakfast
  6. Gordon and the Famous Visitor
  7. No Joke for James
  8. Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure
  9. Four Little Engines
  10. Thomas and the Special Letter
  11. Gordon and the Gremlin
  12. Thomas, Percy and Old Slow Coach
  13. A Bad Day for Harold the Helicopter
  14. It's Only Snow
  15. Thomas the Jet Engine



  • Salty appears on the back cover and disc, but he does not appear in any episodes.