This article is about 'the magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the DVD'.

Thomas and Harold is a magazine story.


One bright, spring morning, Thomas arrives at the station by the sea at the end of his branch line, and all of his passengers climb out of Annie and Clarabel. One of the passengers walks along the platform to thank Thomas for a pleasant ride to the seaside, and walks out to go for a row in his boat. Later the weather changes, and the wind blows fiercely across Thomas' branch line as he struggles to reach his station by the sea.

As he puffs into the station, he looks out across the bay and suddenly; he can see a little boat, which belongs to the man who thanked Thomas that morning. Then a very large wave hits the boat and the man falls into the rough sea. Everyone saw the commotion and wonders what they are going to do to rescue him, as if another boat is set out to rescue the man - it might run into trouble too. However Thomas' driver has come up with a plan, as he stokes up the fire in Thomas' fire box and they puffs off as fast as they can, to reach the airport where Harold lives.

As they hurries in, Thomas' driver explains the situation and Harold sets off into the sky at once. The wind is getting stronger than before, but Harold is strong enough to fly over the sea. Thomas arrives back at the station in time to see Harold lift the man out of the raging water. Later on Thomas has a surprise visitor, it is the man that he and Harold helped out of the storming sea. The man thanks Thomas and his crew for their marvellous rescue actions, and Thomas feels very proud to be called a very clever engine.



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