Thomas and His Friends Vol. 2 is a German VHS release featuring ten episodes from the first series.


  1. Thomas and the Conductor
  2. Thomas Goes Fishing
  3. Terence the Tractor
  4. Bertie the Bus
  5. Tenders and Turntables
  6. Trouble in the Depot
  7. Percy Runs Away
  8. Coal
  9. The Flying Kipper
  10. Whistle and Sneeze


  • There is a writing error on the cover for the episode "Tenders and Turntables". It says "Kohlewagen und Drehschieber" instead of "Drehscheiben". "Drehschieber" translates as rotary vane pump, which is an element of some locomotive engines. The brake valve handle on locomotives is also generally called "Drehschieber". The error was corrected on television broadcasts.
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