This article is about 'the book'. You may be looking for 'the episode'.

Thomas and Percy to the Rescue is a book illustrated using photographs from the television series.


Thomas and Percy find an old coach at the scrapyard named Old Slow Coach. She is very sad because she does not feel useful. But Thomas and Percy come up with an idea that will make everyone happy when the workmen's hut is destroyed.



  • This book is based on the fifth series episode, Thomas, Percy and Old Slow Coach.
  • The book contains an extra scene of Thomas telling Percy that he does not mind working at the Scrapyards.
  • Pictures from Happy Ever After are used for this book.
  • For a period of time, this book came with a free box of dominoes.
  • The cover features a photo from Put Upon Percy.
  • The image of the burnt workmen's hut is mirrored.


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