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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the magazine story, the book, the Taiwanese DVD or the Japanese DVD.

“Scruff, it's Gordon here. Would you like to see my express carriages? They're the grandest on the island!"
"Oh, dear. Thank you, Gordon. I don't think Scruff wants to see your Express."
"Oh, the indignity!”
―Gordon and Thomas trying to entice Scruff out of hiding

Thomas and Scruff is the sixteenth episode of the fourteenth series.


Whiff is extremely busy at his waste dump, so when Thomas tells him the Fat Controller is going to get another engine to help him out, he is very excited. Thomas puffs quickly to the Docks where Scruff "the Scruncher" is waiting for him. Thomas is not very impressed; Scruff is small, square and very scruffy. Thomas feels that a scruffy engine cannot be a really useful engine, so he tells Scruff that he is going to fetch a "welcome to Sodor surprise." Thomas collects a flatbed of buckets, sponges, soap suds and a workman and takes them to Scruff. It turns out that Scruff does not like his "surprise." He has never seen soap suds and brushes before. They prove to be too scary for him and he runs away. Thomas is shocked and chases after him.

After a short while, Scruff slips into an overgrown siding and hides. Thomas knows he is there, but he cannot make Scruff come out. Then, Gordon arrives with the express. Thomas asks Gordon for help, so the big blue engine asks Scruff to come out of hiding to see the magnificent express carriages he is pulling. Scruff does not reply and Gordon steams away. Henry puffs up and Thomas asks him for help. Henry tries to entice Scruff out by offering to take him to see his special coal, but again Scruff is silent. Percy then arrives with his mail coaches. He offers to show the Mail Vans to Scruff, but yet again, Scruff is not interested. Finally, Whiff arrives pulling a long line of rubbish trucks. He tells Thomas how excited he is to meet Scruff and then leaves. This gives Thomas an idea. He offers to take Scruff to collect some trucks of rubbish. Scruff is delighted and immediately comes out of hiding.

So, Thomas and Scruff set off to collect rubbish from the Steamworks, Knapford and the Slate Quarry. They then take the rubbish trucks to Whiff's Waste Dump. Whiff is very impressed with Scruff's load and calls him a "Really Useful Engine."




UK, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and South Africa

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  • Going by production order, this is the seventeenth episode of the fourteenth series.
  • This is the only episode of the fourteenth series in which the Fat Controller does not appear, although he was mentioned.
  • This episode marks the first of two things:


  • Percy's right-side siderods do not move.
  • When Scruff goes hiding in the passing loop, his rear coupling is missing.


In Other Languages

Language Title
Azerbaijani Tomas və Scruff
Brazilian Portuguese Thomas e Scruff
Chinese Mandarin 托马斯和斯加夫
Czech Tomáš a Špindíra
Danish Thomas og Scruff
Finnish Tuomas ja Roju
French Scruff le déchiqueteur
German Thomas und Scruff
Greek Ο Τομας και Ο Σκραφ
Hungarian Thomas és Scruff
Indonesian Thomas dan Scruff
Japanese トーマスとスクラフ
Korean 토마스와 스크러프
Norwegian Thomas og Rusk
Polish Tomek i Zgniotek
Portuguese Thomas e Scruff
Romanian Thomas și Scruff
Russian Грязнуля Скраф
Spanish Thomas y Scruff
Swedish Thomas och Scruff
Welsh Tomos a Sgryff

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