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Thomas and Scruff is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the CGI television series.


Thomas is at the Docks waiting to meet a new engine named Scruff, who is going to help Whiff at the Waste Dump. Thomas thinks that Scruff is too scruffy to be a really useful engine and decides he needs a wash. When Thomas returns with a flatbed of cleaning equipment, Scruff is so worried that he runs off and hides in an overgrown siding.

Thomas now has to figure out how to coax him out, but not even the sight of Gordon's magnificent express coaches is enough to persuade him. Scruff isn't interested in Percy's mail trucks either. Just then, Whiff rattles past with a long line of trucks. This gives Thomas an idea; he invites Scruff to collect some rubbish. Scruff likes that idea and races after Thomas. Together, they chuff all over the Island collecting rubbish. When they return to the waste dump, Whiff calls him a "really useful engine" and Scruff's cheeks go pink with pride.




  • Scruff is missing his rear coupling hook.


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