This article is about 'the annual story'. You may be looking for 'the episode, the Buzz Book, the 1988 magazine story, or the 1994 magazine story'.

Thomas and Trevor is a 1988 annual story.


Edward can see that Trevor does not have much work to do, so he tells him that the Fat Controller needs his help to clear the site at the harbour, which Trevor delightfully accepts. When Thomas meets Trevor at the junction, he has his doubts about Trevor's looks. When they arrive at the harbour, everything is in a complete mess and the workers are not sure who will be able to clear the rubble out of the way, until Trevor comes up with a solution. Later, Trevor sets to work and in no time, he clears up the pilings and the harbour is shipshape. Shortly afterwards, Thomas brings children for Trevor to give rides around the harbour, which Trevor likes best of all. Back at home, Trevor feels lonely, but Thomas tells him that they may need him again at the harbour someday, which brightens his mood.