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This article is about the 1988 magazine story. You may be looking for the episode, the annual story, the Buzz Book, or the 1991 magazine story.

“He's a traction engine."
"A what engine?”
―Edward and Thomas

Thomas and Trevor is a magazine story.


Trevor enjoys living at the Vicarage Orchard and sees Edward every day, but he does not have enough work to do and this makes him feel sad. When he tells Edward this, Edward tells him that the Fat Controller has work for him at the new harbour. Edward explains that he is to take Trevor to meet Thomas, who will then take him to the quarry.

Thomas is on his way to the harbour with a trainload of metal pilings, which are needed to make the harbour wall firm and safe. Edward introduces Trevor to Thomas, but Thomas is puzzled by the term "traction engine". Trevor explains that he runs on roads instead of rails, but Thomas is still puzzled. Workmen couple Trevor's flatbed to Thomas' train and they head off to the harbour. On the way, Trevor tries to explain that he does not need rails to be useful.

When Thomas and Trevor reach the harbour, they find it in a terrible mess. Trucks have been derailed and block the lines and stone slabs lay everywhere. Thomas' driver says that they must get the essential pilings past the mess and tells Trevor that he is to take them. Trevor is pleased to be given a chance to show Thomas how useful he can be. Trevor easily pulls the pilings into place. Now Thomas knows how useful a traction engine can be. Next Trevor gives some rides to children along the harbour - a job which he likes most of all. Everyone is sorry when it is time for Trevor to go.

Thomas takes Trevor to the junction. A small tear comes to Trevor's eye. Thomas pretends not to see and whistles gaily to cheer Trevor up. Thomas promises to try to come and see him and assures him that there is plenty of work for him at the orchard. Finally, Thomas adds that they may need Trevor again at the harbour someday. Trevor is now happy again.

That night, Trevor goes to sleep a very happy traction engine.





  • Trevor's wheels are not coloured in.
  • Edward's coupling rods are not coloured in.