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Thomas and the Birthday Mail is the twenty-third episode of the tenth series.


It is the stormy season on the Island of Sodor, and Thomas is busy delivering mail to his friend Alice, who lives at High Farm. One day, he is on his way up there when a new engine, Rosie, comes up alongside him. Rosie likes Thomas very much and wants to copy his every move, which makes Thomas disturbed. She asks him what he is doing, to which Thomas responds that he is delivering birthday presents to High Farm.

Then, Harold the Helicopter arrives and warns Thomas of high winds and heavy rain on the way, which could cause landslides on the route up to High Farm. But Thomas does not want to let Alice down and decides to go up anyway. Rosie offers to help, but Thomas declines her offer and sets off alone. But Rosie follows Thomas anyway, because she likes him very much.

As Thomas makes his way up to High Farm, the rain begins to pour down. He is convinced that Rosie is not strong enough to follow him but is proven wrong when he hears her whistle behind him. Soon, Thomas comes to a junction with two tracks to High Farm: one is longer, safer and easier, and the other is shorter, but much harder and more dangerous. Thomas therefore takes the shorter route, convinced that Rosie will not be able to follow him.

As Thomas nears his destination, a landslide tumbles down across his track. Thomas does not want to let Alice down, and he attempts to push through the landslide. But all he does is get himself stuck, and he feels very silly and unhappy. Because he did not listen to Harold or let Rosie help him, he had let Alice down.

But just then, Rosie chuffs up behind Thomas, and seeing that he is stuck, offers to go get help. Thomas asks her to deliver his parcels to Alice for him, and Rosie is happy to help him. She is immediately coupled up to Thomas' trucks, and she sets off to High Farm.

Later, Rosie comes back and tells Thomas that Edward will soon be there to help him out. Then, Thomas notices Alice is onboard Rosie, who has come to thank him. But Thomas admits that he could not have done it without Rosie's help. The two engines whistle, now happy to be firm friends.




  • This marks Rosie and Alice's only appearances in the tenth series.
  • This is the last episode written by James Mason.


  • Henry has Gordon's whistle sound at the beginning.
  • The truck and the mail van in Thomas' train switch positions twice.
  • A screw can be seen under the bogie on Thomas' flatbed.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Thomas e os Presentes de Aniversário
Chinese Mandarin 托马斯和生日邮件
Croatian Tomica i rođendanska pošta
Danish Thomas og Fødselsdagsgaverne
Finnish Syntymäpäivä Posti
French L'anniversaire d'Alice
German Thomas und die Geburtstagsgeschenke
Hungarian A születésnapi küldemény
Italian Thomas e la Consegna di Compleanno
Japanese トーマスとたんじょうびのはいたつ
Korean 토마스의 생일 선물
Latin American Spanish Thomas y los Regalos de Cumpleaños (TV)
Thomas y el Correo de Cumpleaños (DVD)
Norwegian Thomas og presangene
Polish Tomek i Urodzinowa Przesyłka
Portuguese Thomas e o Correio de Aniversário
Romanian Thomas și Trenul Poștal cu Cadouri
Russian Томас и поздравление с днем рождения
Spanish El Regalo de Cumpleaños de Rosie
Swedish Thomas och presenterna
Turkish Thomas ve Doğum Günü Postası

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