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Thomas and the Breakdown Train is a UK DVD featuring six first series episodes narrated by Ringo Starr. It was made released under the title A Freight Train Troublemaker for Italian audiences, Thomas and the Breakdown Train and Other Thomas Adventures for Malaysian audiences and Thomas Saves the Day for Philippians audiences.



James has trouble with the trucks one day, but Thomas is there to help out. The Fat Controller is so pleased he gives Thomas his own branch line.


Thomas, the small, mischievous engine lives with all of his friends on the Island of Sodor. They all happily work together on the railway. However, not everything goes well all the time and the little blue engine often has to face a lot of unexpected problems. In the end, they can usually congratulate each other on being Really Useful Engines.



  1. Thomas and the Breakdown Train
  2. James and the Coaches
  3. Troublesome Trucks
  4. James and the Express
  5. Thomas and the Guard
  6. Thomas Goes Fishing


  1. The Accident
  2. You Will Learn From Mistakes
  3. Freight Train Troublemaker
  4. The Revenge of James
  5. Thomas and the Conductor
  6. Engines Don't Go Fishing!


  • The Philippine DVD box and disc artwork said that George Carlin narrated some of the episodes, but Ringo Starr narrates the episodes.
  • The Philippine DVD's title is Thomas Saves the Day, but the episode still uses its UK title.
  • Percy appears on the Malaysian VCD front cover, but he does not appear in any episodes.


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