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“Seeing two golden eagles is a wonderful thing!"
"But not as wonderful as helping a friend.”
―Percy and Thomas

Thomas and the Golden Eagle is the twenty-fourth episode of the ninth series.


A golden eagle has been spotted at Bluff's Cove and Thomas and Percy are hoping to take the birdwatchers to see the golden eagle, but are disappointed when Percy has to take milk to the dairy and Thomas has to take stone to the docks as Emily is chosen to pull the train for the birdwatchers. Thomas arrives at the quarry and is surprised by how long his train is.

On the way to docks, Thomas stops at a junction where Percy is and Emily passes by with birdwatchers. Thomas has an idea to make him and Percy see the eagle; Percy takes some of Thomas' trucks to Brendam while Thomas goes to Bluff's Cove and later he could collect half of his trucks to the docks while Percy takes his turn to see the golden eagle. Thomas leaves his trucks in a siding and goes to Bluff's Cove as Percy backs up to Thomas' train and heads to the docks.

But when Thomas arrives at Bluff's Cove, he is disappointed when he cannot see the golden eagle, but Bertie comes with news that the eagle has been spotted near Gordon's Hill, prompting Thomas to go on a wild goose chase looking for the golden eagle. But all the excitement makes Thomas forget all about his trucks of stone to take to the docks and Percy. Percy collected the milk after delivering Thomas' trucks and headed for the diary, but he saw that Thomas has not delivered the rest of his trucks to the docks. Percy does not want Thomas to get in trouble, so he takes the last of the trucks to docks just in time and heads for the diary.

Thomas heads up to Gordon's Hill and waits for the golden eagle, but is upset to find that it has gone. Suddenly, Thomas remembers that he did not pick up his stone trucks to take to the docks and Percy. Thomas races to the siding to collect his trucks, but they are nowhere to be seen. Thomas finds Percy who explains that he delivered the last of his trucks, but now he cannot deliver the milk because he's run out of coal. Bertie stops by and brings news that the golden eagle has been spotted, but Thomas does not go after it because he does not want to risk Percy getting into trouble. Thomas delivers the milk to the dairy and collects Percy.

On the way to the coaling plant, the two are amazed to see not one, but two golden eagles perched on a cliff face. The two engines think the eagles are wonderful, but not as wonderful as helping friends.




  • Going by production order, this is the twenty-sixth episode of the ninth series.


  • When Thomas and Percy are talking at Kirk Ronan Junction, Thomas' side rods change position every time the camera angle changes, probably because the crew changed Thomas' faces.
  • According to Sir Topham Hatt, Percy has to take milk from the dairy. However, the narrator and Percy state that he is taking the milk to the dairy.
  • When Thomas climbs Gordon's Hill, a mechanism can be seen underneath him.

In Other Languages

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Language Title
Chinese 托马斯和金鵰
Croatian Tomica i zlatni orao
Czech Tomáš a orel skalní
Danish Thomas og Kongeørnen
German Thomas und der Steinadler
Hungarian Thomas és az aranysas
Italian Thomas e l'Aquila Reale
Japanese トーマスときんいろのワシ
Korean 검독수리를 볼테야
Norwegian Thomas og kongeørnen
Polish Tomek i Złoty Orzeł
Portuguese Thomas e a águia dourada
Romanian Thomas și Vulturul Auriu
Russian Томас и золотой орёл
Scottish Gaelic Tomas Agus an Iolarie
Slovak Thomas a orol skalný
Spanish Thomas y el Águila Real
Swedish Thomas och kungsörnen
Thai โธมัสกับอินทรีย์ทอง

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