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“Jet planes don't have to stop for cows!”

Thomas and the Jet Plane is the third episode of the tenth series.


While Thomas is on his way to take a group of children to a picnic, he meets a jet plane named Jeremy who states about how wonderful it is being a jet plane. Thomas thinks that Jeremy is being boastful and decides he does not want to talk to him again. Thomas becomes even more upset when he has to stop for a signal and wait for a cow blocking the line to move. When Thomas arrives at the picnic, he recaps the day's events to Percy. Despite Percy's attempts to comfort Thomas and tell him about things engines can do, Thomas is still sad.

Meanwhile, Jeremy notices a storm brewing and warns Thomas about it. Thomas picks up the children once he finds out and despite his reluctance asks if they can have the picnic in Jeremy's hangar. Jeremy agrees and he and Thomas soon become good friends, while the Fat Controller praises Thomas for saving the picnic.




  • Going by production order, this is the first episode of the tenth series.
  • Stock footage from Thomas Saves the Day and the eighth-tenth series opening is used.
  • This episode marks the following of several things:
    • The only episode of the New Series to use footage from the series' intro.
    • Jeremy's first appearance and his only speaking role in the series to date.
    • Sodor Airport's first appearance in an episode and its first appearance since Calling All Engines!
    • The first appearance of Percy's new brass model that was built during the series.
    • The first episode not released on any home media in the US.
  • According to script writer Abi Grant, the episode's script was first written after Jeremy's model had been built.[1]


  • During the storm, it is obvious that Annie and Clarabel's nameplates are stickers.
  • When the narrator says "Jeremy flew right over Thomas' funnel," Clarabel has no pupils.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Thomas e o Avião
Chinese Mandarin 托马斯和喷射机
Czech Tomáš a tryskáč
Danish Thomas og Flyvemaskinen
Dutch Thomas en het Straalvliegtuig
Finnish Tuomas ja Lentokone
German Thomas und das Düsenflugzeug
Hungarian A Repülőgép
Italian Thomas e l'Aeroplano
Japanese トーマスとジェットき
Korean 토마스와 제레미
Latin American Spanish Thomas y el Avión
Norwegian Thomas og jetflyet
Polish Tomek i Odrzutowiec
Portuguese Thomas e o Avião a Jato
Romanian Thomas și Avionul
Russian Томас и реактивный самолет
Spanish Thomas y el Avión a Reacción
Swedish Thomas och jetplanet
Turkish Thomas ve jet uçağı

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