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Thomas and the Magic Railroad is a book based on the feature film of the same name.


Thomas makes a perilous trip to bring back Lady to restore the Magic Railroad.



  • In the book, an explosion causes Thomas to topple off of the cliff. This was to be part of the original film until P.T. Boomer was cut.
  • Patch is absent in the book.
  • The book is based on the original script in several ways:
    • Diesel 10 is a new engine on the Island of Sodor.
    • Mr. Conductor escapes Diesel 10 by cutting a wire instead of a hydraulic pipe.
    • Diesel 10 plans to destroy all of the buffers on Sodor to find the magic ones.
    • Thomas is seen going through another part of The Magic Railroad.
    • Diesel 10 eavesdrops on Mr. Conductor as he sleeps.
    • Diesel 10 refers his grabber as his "Claw", instead of "Pinchy".
    • It is mentioned that the trains did not stop on Burnett's side of the mountain.
    • Mr. Conductor is seen meeting the engines at the sheds.
    • Mr. Conductor sleeps in a hammock.


  • The buffers are illustrated to look like crossing gates.
  • In the twenty-fifth illustration, Thomas' funnel is too far back and Lady's appears to be missing.
  • Gordon's funnel is taller than usual in the first illustration.
  • Lady is missing her crossheads.
  • During one of "the chase" illustrations, Thomas is not between Lady and Diesel 10, despite the text saying so.
  • In the first illustration, Gordon is missing his brake pipe and lamp irons.
  • In one illustration, James has grey wheels.

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