Thomas and the Magic Railroad Print Studio is a PC CD-ROM game based on the movie Thomas and the Magic Railroad. It was released by Hasbro Interactive and Europress, and features narration by Michael Angelis. This game was only available in the UK.


Thomas & Friends from the popular TV programme and movie are now featuring in the Magic Railroad Print Studio. This is where imaginative and creative kids can try out many practical but fun projects. They'll find its very easy to design and colour in their own creations, especially with help from Michael Angelis as Sir Topham Hatt.




  • This is the first Thomas & Friends PC game based on a special.
  • Despite the actual movie involving American and Canadian actors, the actual movie being based on Thomas and Friends' American spin-off series, Shining Time Station, Hasbro being an American video game and toy company, and the movie's popularity outside the United Kingdom, this game was released exclusively in it. It is unknown why it was never released anywhere else besides the UK.
  • Strangely, in the game's files, Billy Twofeathers and Burnett Stone's sprites are named "Indian" and "Peter" respectively. Billy's sprite is probably named "Indian" due to his character's nationality. Burnett's sprites were most likely named Peter as he was portrayed by Peter Fonda in the film.
  • Thomas, James and Percy have their first season themes, Lady has Annie and Clarabel's theme, Diesel 10 has Trevor's theme, Splatter has Sir Topham Hatt's theme, and Dodge uses an unused version of Toby's theme.
  • Edward, Mavis, Terence, Caroline and Bulstrode are included in the game despite not appearing in the film itself.
  • This is the final game to be released by Hasbro Interactive. 


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