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“Mole hills! Hundreds of them! It looks like a giant currant bun/chocolate chip cookie, only green!”

Thomas and the Moles, originally titled Buster 1, Moles 0 is the eighth episode of Jack and the Sodor Construction Company. It was released on the DVD Thomas' Trusty Friends.


A storm has blown over Sodor and has caused a significant amount of damage. While most of Miss Jenny's machines are clearing debris, Sir Topham Hatt has sent Thomas to take the rest of her machines to the football grounds. Buster is pretty excited, but Miss Jenny tells him that he is not needed. Which makes Buster pretty sad.

At the football grounds, the machines are working hard clearing the mess in the car park. Thomas is concerned about Buster, who is still in the yard still feeling miserable. The work is soon done, but when Miss Jenny steps on to the field, Miss Jenny realized that she would need Buster after all, as the field is covered in mole hills. Thomas rushes back to the yards to pick up Buster, who is very excited.

As soon as Buster is unloaded, he couldn't believe how many mole hills were on the football grounds, and sets to work at once flattening the hills. The moles watch him and are pretty impressed. At last the field was flat again. Everyone congratulates Buster on a job well done as the football game can go on tomorrow. But Miss Jenny tells him that he has been really useful, which makes him very flattered. And Thomas can tell Buster is very happy. Because it's a grand thing to being really useful.




  • A working title or the original title for this episode was Buster 1, Moles 0, although that title is listed on Virgin TV Anytime's website.
  • Stock footage from Toby's Windmill (directed by David Mitton) is used. In the first shot, Toby's eye movement is different and he hits the fallen fence.
  • When Buster is flattening the mole hills, some of the same scenes are used twice. However, some are mirrored.
  • One of the miniature moles (production made) was sold to the Coffey Man Preservation from the Prop Gallery.
  • The miniature model of the football coach is owned by Twitter user IsaacM6991.
  • This was the only Jack and the Sodor Construction Company episode of several things:
    • The only episode written by Jan Needle.
    • The only episode where Toby appears, using stock footage.
    • The only episode where Percy appears, but does not speak.
    • The only instance of real life anthropomorphic animals in the show's history. The moles also bear a slight resemblance to Molecom the Mole from Roary the Racing Car, a fellow British HiT Entertainment television series.
  • The moles have two lines in the US dub. Them being "He's good, very good," and "Do it again!" The latter was spoken for replacing the "Hmmm..."s in the UK dub.


  • In the shots with Kelly, Monty and Buster, Buster's eyes are wonky.
  • When Buster watches Kelly, Monty and Miss Jenny leave the yard, he appears to have a piece of tape on his front.
  • When Thomas is outside the football ground, there is one piece of track making it look like he is on the grass.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Dutch Thomas en de Moles
German Thomas und die Maulwürfe

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