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“Where did you hear Neville was going to biff into all the Steamies?"
"Don't you know? Percy told me, Edward told him, James told Edward and you told James!”
―Thomas and Emily

Thomas and the New Engine is the eleventh episode of the ninth series.


At Tidmouth Sheds, the Fat Controller announces that a new engine named Neville has arrived on the island and that the others must make him feel welcome. Later, Thomas is warned by a signalman about a broken bridge, so Thomas goes to collect some steel from the ironworks. At the yards, Neville is with 'Arry and Bert. He reverses up to his trucks and bumps into them. This gives 'Arry and Bert a chance to laugh at him and tease him about it. At that moment, Thomas arrives, sees Neville with 'Arry and Bert and thinks that Neville is friends with the diesel engines.

At Knapford, Thomas meets James and tells him about seeing Neville laughing with 'Arry and Bert. Then, as Thomas leaves, Edward arrives so James tells him about Neville. Later, whilst taking on water, Edward tells Percy that Neville is friends with the diesels and does not want to be with steamies. Then, when Percy meets Emily at a red signal, he warns her not to go near Neville as 'Arry and Bert had told him to biff into all of the steamies.

At Abbey station, Thomas is just told by the Fat Controller to warn engines not to cross the broken bridge when he hears a steam engine's whistle - it turns out to be Neville pulling Annie and Clarabel. Thomas is cross with Neville for pulling his coaches; Emily then arrives. Neville says hello, but Emily is also cross with Neville as she thinks that he is going to biff into all the steam engines, much to the surprise of Thomas.

After Neville leaves, Thomas is puzzled and asks Emily where she got the information from. Emily tells him that Percy told her, Edward told Percy, James told Edward and Thomas told James. But Thomas explains that he only said to James that he only saw Neville with 'Arry and Bert. Toby then arrives explaining what he heard from Henry, who saw 'Arry and Bert picking on Neville. Thomas and Emily are very shocked and realise their mistake. Thomas then realises that Neville is heading for the broken bridge, so he pumps his pistons to Neville's rescue. Unfortunately, Neville has already crashed through the barricade and is already hanging over the edge of the broken bridge. Soon Thomas arrives, just in time to save Neville, Annie and Clarabel. Thomas apologises to Neville for believing silly stories about him and Neville is happy to have finally made friends with Thomas.




  • Neville is seen at Abbey without Annie and Clarabel in a promotional image.
  • In some descriptions of the episode, Neville is described as actually being a diesel.
  • Going by production order, this is the fourteenth episode of the ninth series.
  • This is the only episode of two things:
  • In Thomas' Favourite Friends segment, the narrator said Salty saw 'Arry and Bert being horrible to Neville when it was actually Henry; this was carried over to the story library book of this episode. It could be possible that Salty was originally meant to have this role instead of Henry.


  • When Percy talks to Emily at the signal, his face mask is on crooked.
  • The narrator says that "The stationmaster blew his whistle," but it is the guard who blows the whistle.
  • When Toby puffs into Abbey Station, his steam platform is visible.
  • As Neville breaks through the barrier, a piece of rubble lands in his mouth.
  • The bridge that Thomas crosses at the beginning is the same Neville hangs from by the end, just that it was redressed with more bushes and removing the missing track that connects both ends of the bridge.
  • When Neville rushes through the countryside, Clarabel is facing the wrong way.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Chinese 托马斯和新火车
Czech Tomáš a Nová Mašinka
Danish Thomas Og Det Nye lokomotiv
Dutch Thomas en de Nieuwe Locomotief
Finnish Tuomas ja Uusi Veturi
French Thomas et la Nouvelle Locomotive
German Thomas Und Die Neue Lok
Greek Ο Τόμας και η νέα ατμομηχανή
Hungarian Thomas és Az új Mozdony
Italian Thomas e la Nuova Locomotiva
Japanese あたらしいきかんしゃネビル
Korean 새 친구 네빌
Norwegian Thomas Og Det Nye lokomotivet
Polish Tomek i Nowa Lokomotywa
Portuguese Thomas e a Nova Locomotiva
Romanian Thomas și Loconotiva Cea Nouă
Russian Томас и новый поезд
Scottish Gaelic Tomas Agus An T-Einnsean Ur
Slovak Thomas a Nová Lokomotíva
Spanish Thomas y la Nueva Locomotora
Swedish Thomas Och Det Nya loket
Thai รถจักใหม่

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