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“The old story was right. There really is something magical at the end of the rainbow. My friends!”

Thomas and the Rainbow! is a magazine story.


One night, there is a storm on Sodor and all of the telephone lines are blown down. The next day, Sir Topham Hatt orders Thomas to take some engineers to fix the telephone lines immediately.

As Thomas collects the engineers, he notices something colourful in the sky. Edward explains that it is called a rainbow. He tells Thomas that an old story says there is something magical at the end of the rainbow. Thomas decides that he must find the end of the rainbow right away. Thomas passes Percy, but does not stop to talk; he is too busy looking for the end of the rainbow. Thomas goes up Gordon's Hill. The end of the rainbow is just over the top, but when Thomas reaches the top, the end of the rainbow has moved.

Children on a bridge wave to Thomas, but Thomas does not respond. Thomas takes the engineers all over the Island in search of the rainbow's end. When Thomas passes Henry, the green engine asks for help, but Thomas is too busy looking for the end of the rainbow. But the end of the rainbow is always around the next corner. Thomas passes Toby, who warns Thomas that there is something on the track ahead, but Thomas does not listen. Suddenly, Thomas strikes a fallen telephone pole and derails. Thomas is stuck; with the telephones still not working, they are unable to call for help.

Thomas soon spots Percy and calls for help, but Percy does not stop. Thomas sadly watches Percy steam away and thinks Percy is ignoring him because he had ignored Percy earlier that day. But Percy had heard Thomas' whistle and is racing to get help. Percy tells Henry that Thomas is in trouble. Henry then tells Bertie, who tells the children. The children inform James, who tells Harold, who in turn alerts Harvey, who rushes off to help Thomas. When Thomas is back on the rails, Harvey tells Thomas that all of his friends helped to rescue him. Thomas is very happy and he puffs away. It is not long before Thomas sees the rainbow again, but this time he does not try to find the end. Instead, Thomas works hard to get all of the telephones working again.

Later on, Thomas is back at Tidmouth Sheds with his friends. Thomas says that the old story was correct; there is something magical at the end of the rainbow - his friends.




  • The image shows Thomas pulling trucks of fruit and vegetables.
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