“Fetch another engine and carriage at once!”
―Allicia Botti

Thomas and the Squeak! is a magazine story.


One morning, the engines are discussing the arrival of a famous opera singer, Allicia Botti. James thinks he will take her as he is the smartest. Gordon thinks he will be chosen for the special job because he is the fastest, but one thing they all agree on is that it will not be dirty Percy.

Next day, the Fat Controller chooses Thomas and Annie to collect Allicia Botti. At the wash-down, Thomas cuts in the queue ahead of Percy, who has to go without a wash. As Thomas is washed and polished, he hears a funny squeaking noise. The driver puts oil on Thomas and Annie's wheels and they set off.

Soon Thomas and Annie arrive at the harbour. Thomas can still hear the bothersome squeaking noise, but forgets all about it when he sees the Fat Controller hold open Annie's door for Allicia to board. Thomas and Annie feel very pleased until they hear a very loud scream. There turns out to be a mouse inside Annie and the distressed opera singer orders that they summon another engine and carriage immediately. Just then, dirty Percy pulls up. Allicia is delighted to see the grubby-looking engine and she boards Percy's train. Percy feels very proud.

Later that day, Thomas and Percy meet at the wash-down. Thomas apologises for cutting the queue earlier and insists that Percy goes first. Percy then inquires about the mouse. Thomas tells Percy that the mouse is going to live in the engine shed and Annie has named her Allicia.




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