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“But it's a wonderful idea for a story! I shall write all about your day, Thomas, and how helped your friends.”
―The Storyteller

Thomas and the Storyteller is the first episode of the eleventh series.


A famous storyteller is coming to Sodor to open a new library. Thomas is chosen to show her around the island to give her inspiration for a story she will read at the opening. Thomas collects her from Brendam and decides to take her to Pirate's Cove but stops when he sees James with a broken siderod. Thomas has to pull James and his passengers to Maithwaite.

Thomas decides to take the storyteller to the ruined castle instead, but meets Emily, who had a broken whistle while taking some flour to the bakery and it is not safe to work without one. Thomas pulls Emily to the bakery and tells the storyteller that he will take her to Misty Valley so she can make a story about magic. But then, he sees Percy stranded in an overflowing river and Thomas pushes him out. It is already time for the opening and Thomas only manages to get there with seconds to spare. However, the storyteller has an idea for a story: Her own adventures she had with Thomas that day.




  • Going by production order, this is the ninth episode of the eleventh series.
  • This is the second episode where Emily speaks in the series premiere since her debut in the seventh series episode premiere.
  • This episode marks the first of several things for this series:
    • Christopher Skala's first episode as executive producer.
    • The first episode filmed in 1080p high definition
    • The first to use the Engine Roll Call as the opening song.
    • Aired by Kids 1 in South Korea.
    • Narrated by Yu Dong-kyun in South Korea.
    • Directed by Shim Sang-bo and Choi Ok-joo in South Korea.
    • Produced, recorded and mixed in Korean by STORM Studios in South Korea.
    • Translated by Seo Seung-hee in South Korea.
    • Video edited by Shin Seon in South Korea.
  • In some close-up shots of Thomas, the storyteller's large scale figure was digitally added into his cab.
  • A fade-effect was used when Thomas switched tracks to help James.
  • At one point, the storyteller is seen holding a miniature page of an episode's script.
  • The scene where Percy was stranded in the river after his fire in his firebox was being washed out is similar to the third series episode, Percy's Promise, except Percy is not pulling Annie and Clarabel with him this time.
  • Thomas' original plastic model is used in the scenes at Abbey Station.
  • The release of this episode in the UK coincided with the publication of Thomas and Victoria, the forty-first Railway Series book.
  • James' broken coupling rod is similar to what happened to Edward in the second series episode, Edward's Exploit or Thomas in both the sixth series episode, Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry and the eighth series episode, Thomas and the Circus.


  • Thomas pushes Percy out of the water, but he later states that he pulled Percy out. Also, the roof of Thomas' cab wobbles when he pushes Percy.
  • In a close-up of Thomas, his lamp irons are crooked.
  • When Thomas leaves the docks, his puffing sound plays before he starts moving.
  • James' eyes are misaligned, and his tender is tilted a bit.

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Language Title
Chinese Mandarin 托马斯和故事家
Czech Tomáš a Paní Spisovatelka
Danish Thomas og Historiefortælleren
Dutch Thomas en de Verhalenverteller
Finnish Thomas ja Tekijä
German Thomas und die Geschichtenerzählerin
Hungarian Thomas és a Mesemondó
Japanese トーマスとしょうせつか
Korean 이야기를 들려주세요
Latin American Spanish Thomas y la Cuentacuentos
Norwegian Thomas og Historiefortelleren
Polish Tomek i Gawędziarka
Portuguese Thomas e a Contadora de Histórias
Romanian Thomas și Povestitoarea
Russian Томас и рассказчица
Swedish Thomas och Sagoberättaren

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